Cedars-Sinai Biostatistics Fall Quarter -Assignments and other material

Instructor: Jeff Gornbein gornbein@g.ucla.edu 310-825-4193

Teaching asst: Benjamin Noah Benjamin.Noah@cshs.org 323-428-4057


Class topics schedule & texts (subject to change) Handy EXCEL functions Gaussian (normal) table

Suggested texts: Petrie and Sabin (P&S) Medical Statistics at a Glance 3rd ed, Blackwell Pub, Reinhart A, Statistics Done Wrong, No Starch Press 2015

Wainer Howard, Truth or Truthiness, Cambridge University Press 2015


Class presentation slides by topic


Class notes:

Section 1-confounding, bias, study design

Section 2-descriptive stats, sensitivity & specificity, Bayesian stats

Section 3-probability distributions

Sections 4 and 5 hypothesis testing (Section 4), power (Section 5)

Section 6-comparing means and analysis of variance (ANOVA)

Section 7-comparing proportions-chi square

Section 8a-simple regression - Section 8b-multiple regression

Section 9-logistic and poisson regression (may not be covered)

Section 9C logistic regression and propensity scores (may not be covered)

Section 10- Survival in preparation (see slides)

Section 11- Principal Components and Factor analysis in preparation (see slides)


Statistical reporting-slides


Semi serious stat survey a screening test (not for a grade)


Assignments: Due dates may be extended if material has not yet been covered

Assignment 1 due 13 Sept 2017 Peters article Staudmauer article


Assignment 2 due 4 Oct 2017


Assignment 3 due 18 Oct 2017 Julian article


Assignment 4 due 1 Nov 2017

Assignment 5 due 17 Nov 2017 Atkins vs Zone article


Assignment 6 due 4 Dec 2017 Testosterone article


Practice final exam (or extra problems if no final exam)


Final Project (24 Oct 2017) We will have a final exam in class, not a final project


Note that assignments count for 50% of the final grade!

Final is 45% of grade!


Other papers: Stratton & Neil -how to ensure paper is rejected

Ioannidis why published results can be false


Extra problem sets (practice)


Excel demos and model calculators

Cox model survival calculator


Datasets in EXCEL (for JMP and other illustrations):



Birth weight (BWEIGHT)


Clond BP data

Clond TBI data (used in ANOVA)

PCO data in JMP format used for regression

Depression (CESD) data in JMP format-used for regression Depression data dictionary

Chung-Prati cancer survival data in JMP format